7.3 Resource Information

For each Resource that is part of the Catalogue Transfer the following information shall be included into the Mapping Table. Cells for which no information is available may be left empty. In order to indicate that a Release contains multiple Resources, the relevant Release row should be immediately followed by the appropriate set of Resource rows.

Data Element



The Type of the row. Always to contain ‘SoundRecording’ or ‘Video’.


The unique Identifier (specific to the Mapping Table) of the Record. 

This Identifier may be used to reference this Record in discussions between the various parties affected by the Catalogue Transfer.


The Status of the transfer of the Resource described in this Record (see Section 5.8 for details).


The Title of the Resource.


The SubTitle of the Resource.


The ISRC for the Resource as used by the Acquiring Rights Controller and/or Acquiring Aggregator/Distributor.

ISRC previously used by Relinquishing Rights Controller

The ISRC the Acquiring Rights Controller and/or Acquiring Aggregator/Distributor are aware of being previously used for the Resource.

Acquiring Rights Controller ResourceId

The Proprietary Identifier for the Resource allocated by the Acquiring Rights Controller.

Relinquiahing Rights Controller ResourceId

The Proprietary Identifier for the Resource allocated by the Relinquishing Rights Controller.


Any Proprietary Identifier(s) for the Resource allocated in the form xxx:yyy where xxx is a string identifying the company or organisation responsible for the identification system and yyy is the identifier. 

If multiple identifiers are available, they should be separated by commas.


The string containing the Name to be used by a DSP when presenting Artist details of the Resource to a Consumer.


The Duration of the Resource, ideally using the ISO 8601 PT[[hhH]mmM]ssS format (where lower case characters indicate variables, upper case characters are part of the string, e.g. one hour, two minutes and three seconds would be PT1H2M3S). The seconds section ss may include fractions (e.g. one minute and 30.5 seconds would be PT1M30.5S).


The Names of the contributor or some of the contributors separated by commas. 

This is solely for aiding the recipient of the mapping table in identifying the Resource to be transferred and would only need to be provided when new identifiers – especially ISRCs – are being allocated by the new Rights Controller. The list does not need to be exhaustive and there is no need to provide identifiers or role codes for the Contributor(s).


The (P) RightsNotice for the Sound Recording.


The (C) RightsNotice for the Video.


An Annotation providing additional information or a commentary to the information provided in this row.