5.8 Feedback from DSP to Acquiring Rights Controller or Acquiring Aggregator/ Distributor

After applying a received Mapping Table to a Release delivery from an Acquiring Rights Controller or Aggregator/Distributor, the DSP shall keep track of the status of all delivered Release(s) and Resource(s).

This status shall then be provided, in a bilaterally agreed interval, as feedback to the Acquiring Rights Controller or Aggregator/Distributor from whom the DSP has received the Mapping Table.

The status report back shall be the same file as received from the Acquiring Rights Controller or Acquiring Aggregator/Distributor with the status cells being filled in.

These Best Practices do not define a specific method of delivering the feedback report. Possible approaches include email attachments or placing the updated Mapping Table onto a mutually agreed SFTP server.

The following states may need to be reported:

  • No delivery received yet;

  • Successfully ingested and mapped;

  • Delivery received but ingestion led to issues;

  • No take-down notice from the Relinquishing Rights Controller or Relinquishing Aggregator/Distributor has been found yet; and

  • Others as mutually agreed.