5.4 Data Transfer between the Rights Controllers

The Relinquishing Rights Controller should send to the Acquiring Rights Controller a full computer-readable list containing all Releases (and Resources) that the Acquiring Rights Controller has acquired from the Relinquishing Rights Controller.

The preferred mechanism for this is a NewReleaseMessage as defined in the latest version of the Electronic Release Notification Message Suite Standard.

Such feeds should also include any data communicated by the Relinquishing Rights Controller to its business partners in a MeadMessage as defined in the latest version of the Media Enrichment and Description Standard.

If another mechanism has to be used, e.g. because the Relinquishing Rights Controller does not have the ability to communicate the creations using the Electronic Release Notification Message Suite Standard, all necessary data available to the Relinquishing Rights Controller and necessary to the Acquiring Rights Controller to effect the Catalogue Transfer should be sent in a mutually agreeable computer-readable format. 

The data should include for all Releases, Track Releases, Sound Recordings and Videos, the following data points, expressed, herein, as XPath fragments to the relevant XML tags in the NewReleaseMessage.

  • Release/ReleaseType

  • Release/ReleaseId/GRid

  • Release/ReleaseId/ICPN

  • Release/ReleaseId/CatalogNumber

  • Release/ReleaseId/ProprietaryId (all available proprietary identifiers)

  • Release/DisplayTitle/TitleText

  • Release/DisplayTitle/SubTitle

  • Release/DisplayArtistName

  • Release/DisplayArtist (all available Display Artists, including, where appropriate, those that created the underlying Musical Work should be included)

  • Release/DisplayArtist/SequenceNumber

  • Release/DisplayArtist/Role

  • Release/ResourceGroup/ResourceGroupContentItem/ DisplaySequence

  • Release/ResourceGroup/ResourceGroupContentItem/ SequenceNumber

  • Release/ResourceGroup/SequenceNumber

  • Release/ResourceGroup/TitleText for multi-disk Releases (with an appropriate Release/ResourceGroup/TitleType)

  • Release/Genre (all genres)

  • Release/GlobalOriginalReleaseDate

  • Release/CLine

  • Release/Genre

  • Release/ParentalWarningType

  • Release/AvRating (for audio-visual releases)

  • Release/Keywords

  • Release/Synopsis

  • Release/MarketingComment

  • Release/LabelReference (providing FullName and PartyId of the releasing label)

  • TrackRelease/ReleaseType

  • TrackRelease/ReleaseId/ICPN

  • Release/ReleaseId/GRid

  • TrackRelease/ReleaseId/CatalogNumber

  • TrackRelease/ReleaseId/ProprietaryId  (all available proprietary identifiers)

  • TrackRelease/DisplayTitle/TitleText

  • TrackRelease/DisplayTitle/SubTitle

  • TrackRelease/Genre (all genres)

  • TrackRelease/Keywords

  • TrackRelease/Synopsis

  • TrackRelease/MarketingComment

  • TrackRelease/LabelReference (providing FullName and PartyId of the releasing label)

  • SoundRecording/ResourceId/ISRC

  • SoundRecording/ResourceId/ProprietaryId  (all available proprietary IDs)

  • SoundRecording/DisplayTitle/TitleText

  • SoundRecording/DisplayTitle/SubTitle

  • SoundRecording/DisplayArtist

  • SoundRecording/DisplayArtist/SequenceNumber

  • SoundRecording/DisplayArtist/Role

  • SoundRecording/Contributor (performers, other recording artists, writers, engineers and the InitialProducer) with the following information:

    • Party/PartyName/FullName

    • Party/PartyName/PartyId (any of them)

  • SoundRecording/Contributor/HasMadeFeaturedContribution

  • SoundRecording/Contributor/HasMadeContractedContribution

  • SoundRecording/Contributor/Role

  • SoundRecording/Contributor/InstrumentType

  • SoundRecording/CreationDate

  • SoundRecording/CreationDate/@ApplicableTerritoryCode

  • SoundRecording/Duration

  • SoundRecording/LanguageOfPerformance

  • SoundRecording/WorkRightsController (including a name, identifier, sequence number, territory, period and role)

  • SoundRecording/RightsController (including a name, identifier, sequence number, territory, period and role)

  • SoundRecording/PLine

  • SoundRecording/ParentalWarningType

  • Video/CLine (for Videos the same data elements as marked above for Sound Recordings need to be provided as well)

  • Video/AvRating


Also, any available writer and publisher information should be communicated.

In addition, any other relevant information such as metadata sent to a DSP, for example using a MEAD message, should also be provided. 

Any automated data exchange will need to be augmented by establishing contact between the operational teams at the Acquiring Rights Controller and the Relinquishing Rights Controller to ensure, amongst other things, that the above data exchange has successfully transferred all necessary data.